Test, Learn, & Optimize

Does your team have heated discussions regarding which version of the customer experience will perform better, lead to more clicks, higher conversion, etc.?

Do you speculate about whether your customers would respond better to a particular color, format or copy style?

Good news!  We can help you settle these questions once and for all with A/B testing!

A/B testing allows you to compare two different versions of the user experience to determine which one delivers the greatest improvement to your KPIs. Did you know that A/B testing, on average, leads to over a 10% increase in conversions for sites like yours?

The testable subjects of A/B testing are virtually limitless.  Here are some typical test topics:  Calls to Action, Content, Layouts, Colors, Copy.

Test and idea through A/B and Multivariate testing

The Digital Acumen Solution to A/B testing will help you answer your vexing questions in a simple 5-step process:

Build a testable hypothesis

Once you’ve determined your test subject and expected outcome, it’s time to build a testable hypothesis.  This is your guess about the effect a single change will have on your site.  A sample hypothesis:  Changing the color of the “buy” button from blue to red will cause a 10% increase in sales.

Develop the variant

You’ll need to develop the variants to be tested. A variant is the version of the experience we want to test. Assuming your site has enough traffic, you can even test 3,4,5, or more variants at once if you’d like.

Test the test

Before putting the test into production, you must thoroughly test it for accuracy to ensure that the real A/B test will run smoothly and deliver clear results. You want to ensure no other changes  or A/B tests go into production that may interfere with the test.

Gather Results

Now comes the fun part:  start the betting pool!

Preliminary results will arrive almost instantaneously.  Once they’ve reached statistical significance one variant will emerge as the better performer and can now be assigned as the default.


The good news? You’ve now answered that question and used the findings of the A/B test to improve your site’s performance.  The better news? There is always another opportunity to optimize.  It’s time to choose your next iteration and the next burning question you’d like to answer.


Improve your digital return on investment

Improving your existing site is an extremely efficient way to improve your bottom line.  A/B testing helps you squeeze every bit of value from your features.

Achieve Statistically Significant Results

A/B testing’s statistically significant results empowers you to make confident choices, knowing they’re supported by sound data.

Understand your customers better

Powerful A/B testing provides more information about your customers than you may have thought possible.  You will be able to segment your customers on many levels and gain deep understanding of their behaviors.

Solves disputes

A/B testing, by its very nature, is objective.  It takes subjectivity and opinion out of the equation, providing clear information and eliminating the need for debate.

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