Recommendations Implementation

An insight is a beautiful thing but remains theoretical until it’s properly executed, tested and analyzed.  That’s when we get to see the real-world benefits and realize opportunities by recommending improvements to the next iteration.  

We won’t just hand you a laundry list of recommendations and wish you luck.  We’re with you every step of the way, through Product Requirements, Wireframing, Design, Development and Quality Assurance.

Did you know that 70% of features provide little to no value to customers? We work with you to ensure that you don’t waste money on features customers don’t use.

Digital Acumen follows agile product management best practices

the digital acumen approach

Business Case

The first step is the construction of a compelling business case.  This ensures the project you’re recommending has real value and will advance your KPIs and metrics.

We’ll help you write an airtight business case, clearly and concisely demonstrating the values and benefits of your proposed features.

User Stories

Here is a sobering fact: over 70% of features that are put into production provide little to no value for customers.

Don’t waste your resources on features your customers don’t want.  We’ll help you avoid this common pitfall by employing “User Stories” — User-Centric Requirements.  Here’s an example:  As a <user>, I want <something>, so that <something>.

This way of writing requirements ensures that you are building functionality for your users needs.

MVP definition

You’ve chosen the right feature to develop, based on expected returns.  Now, you want to release it ASAP.  

To help you accomplish this, we’ll collaborate with you to define the MVP (minimum viable product) — the smallest increment of the feature that provides value for your customer while allowing for further learning and iterations.

Release Planning

Here comes the Big Question:  When will this be live?  

We will collaborate with your team of scrum masters, product owners and other stakeholders to create a realistic delivery schedule based on the scope defined for MVP.

User Experience (UX) & Design

Now it is time to put pen to paper.  During the UX and Design phase, we’ll work with the user experience architects and designers to create the experience.

The user experience architect will create the framework for the functionality using research aimed at improving usability and accessibility.  Meanwhile, the designer will create the front-end designs the user will see when interacting with your functionality.

You will find that the user experience  you create will delight your customers.

Development, QA, and UAT

Nothing goes into production until the feature’s functionality has been tested and verified by QA Analysts and your users (via User Acceptance Testing).  

Our thorough testing best practices ensure the end result will be a pristine product that delights your customers.


Propel KPIs and Metrics

Using hard analytics, you’ve determined the features that will have the most impact on your KPIs and Metrics.  By tackling these first, you’ll show real value, fast!

Our proven implementation processes will help you efficiently introduce the most valuable features into production.

Efficiently use resources

Following the minimum viable product model (MVP) you’ll only work on the features your customers will use.

Deliver no defects

Your customers demand that your site runs like a well-oiled machine.  They expect the experience you create for them to work well, every single time.  We’ll work with you to ensure your features are defect-free.

Deliver on time

A feature only has value once it gets into your customers’ hands.

We’ll help you follow our proven implementation process to ensure on-time delivery.

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