Insights & Reporting

Quickly learn the areas of your business that need to be optimized to improve your key performance indicators.

We help you set up the right reporting and do an in-depth analysis so that you can find valuable insights to help your business succeed.

You’ll have a better handle on your KPIs and what adjustments to optimize your digital experience.

Digital Acumen reporting, analysis, and insights process

the digital acumen approachWe work with you to understand what questions you are trying to answer. Armed with these questions, we will help you set up your reporting needs. Then, through systematic analysis of your data we will provide recommendations to improve your bottom line.

Documenting your reporting needs

We start by defining the business questions you want to answer.  They may address any aspect of your business and, when answered, will help you make smart business decisions.  For example, you may want to know:

  • Have I optimized my conversion funnel to maximize sales, or am I leaving money on the table?
  • Am I appropriately assigning my marketing budget into the right media: email, social media, search engine marketing, and traditional media?
  • Can I reduce my cart abandonment rate further?
Define reports

We  provide the most critical information to help you answer your most important business questions in the least amount of reports. We do this by following this process:

  • Define the data sources needed for the reports
  • Organize data
  • Build basic reports
  • Format the data to be easily understood
  • Automate your reports
Analyze Data

Analysis focuses on a variety of tasks. These tasks can be broken down into questioning, examining, interpreting, comparing, and presenting. We will guide you through each of these steps systematically ensuring a comprehensive analysis every time.

Actionable Recommendations

Through careful analysis, you will use data to define the most valuable features to work on.


Answer critical business questions

The only way to answer your most fundamental business questions is through measuring and reporting on your KPIs and metrics.

Measure success

You will be equipped with knowledge on how your KPIs and metrics are performing and how to measure your success.

Facilitate iterating

Do more, faster through iteration. We build a feedback cycle to facilitate development, measurement, testing, recommendations, new development, and so on.

Contact us and together we can dive into your data to gain valuable insights