Digital Strategy

You have all heard the saying that “If you don’t know where you are going, any path will take you there”. This is especially true for analytics.

We work with you to help define your objectives, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and associated metrics for your Products.

Do you wonder if your efforts are leading your organization in the right direction?

What are the KPIs that drive your businesses growth and how are you performing against those KPIs?

Digital Acumen follows agile product management best practices


Enterprise strategy and goals

We willl work with you to understand and document your company’s overall strategy, goals and objectives.  This is the foundation of your digital plan.

Digital strategy and goals

We will work with you to determine how your digital presence will accomplish your company-wide strategy and objectives.

Alignment between your digital strategy and products

Your digital KPIs and Metrics will be aligned with your overall digital objectives.

Product roadmap

We will align your product roadmap to maximize your products’ KPIs and Metrics


We will work with you to set up an optimal process to track the metrics and KPIs that are critical to your success.


We will help you establish your baseline goals and set realistic stretch targets for your KPIs and metrics.


Sharper Focus

We help you set up clear goals for each of your product teams and how to measure them.

Improved digital ROI

Your team prioritizes competing potential features in order to maximize the defined product level metrics and KPIs.

Increased Accountability

Team members gain accountability to exceed targets through a strong understanding of scope and expectations.

Maximized resource alignment

Teams work on product roadmap initiatives that are aligned to your company’s objectives.

Strategy to position your enterprise to reach to the next level!