Data Collection & Validation

Our Data Collection and Validation Strategy builds on a solid foundation to ensure you’re collecting the right data, all the time.

Data you don’t trust may be worse than none at all.  It undermines your confidence and can lead you to make poor decisions.

Data is only helpful if you can trust it to be accurate and precise.

That’s why, once we’ve set up your analytics infrastructure, we configure and customize it to collect the required data and ensure its accuracy.  Breathe easier knowing your data is accurate and can be trusted to guide you in the right direction.

Data collection and validation leading to accurate data

The Digital Acumen Approach

Our Data Collection and Validation Strategy asks the right questions up front and builds on a secure foundation to ensure you’re collecting the right data, all the time.

Set up automated regression testing

The first step to clean data is to ensure that you are properly testing that the data you are collecting is accurate. To do this, we help you define and set up automated data regression testing to alleviate some of the manual effort.

Understand points of failure

Your digital presence is changing constantly. With constant changes, it means your data collection has to keep up. We help you understand the potential and likely points of failure, to ensure proper testing is in place.

benefitsOur Automated Regression Testing provides many benefits to the Data Collection Process:

Higher level of trust in your data

Provides the product and stakeholder teams with confidence in the analytics recommendations.

Better decesions

Ensures that your important choices are informed by accurate and precise data.

Improved speed

Quickly finds and corrects errors before they negatively impact your data, and recommendations.

Enhanced Efficency

Saves valuable time and resources by avoiding manual QA testing.

Contact us to make sure you don't make a bad decision because of bad data.