Digital Strategy

You have all heard the saying that “If you don’t know where you are going, any path will take you there”. This is especially true for analytics. We work with you to help define your objectives, Key Performance Indicators, and associated Metrics for your Products.

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Digital Analytics Infrastructure

There are a myriad of analytics tool. Finding the right set of tools based on your business needs can be a challenge. We’ll help you select and install the analytics platforms and technologies that fulfill your measurement requirements.

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Data Collection & Validation

Our Data Collection and Validation Strategy builds on a solid foundation to ensure you’re collecting the right data, all the time.

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Insights & Reporting

Quickly learn the areas of your business that need to be optimized to improve your key performance indicators. We help you set up the right reporting and do an in-depth analysis so that you can find valuable insights to help your business succeed.

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Recommendations Implementation

An insight is a beautiful thing, but it remains theoretical until it is properly executed, tested and analyzed. That is when we get to see the real-world benefits and realize opportunities by recommending improvements to the next iteration.

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Test, Learn, & Optimize

Cannot decide which way to go on a feature decision? Not sure which content will perform better? A/B testing allows you to compare two different versions of the user experience to determine which one delivers the greatest improvement to your KPIs.

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Training & Workshops

You have decided you want to become a analytics expert and want to get your hands dirty? We offer training/workshops to help your team develop skills and expertise in analytics.

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Let us put Ingenious Analytics to work for you.

Digital Acumen Insights Process

Digital Acumen Insight Process

Services Delivery Model

Right Sized – Digital Acumen right-sizes our service delivery based on each client’s preferences and needs.  Digital Acumen’s service delivery options include ongoing managed services (ongoing outsourced support), project based work, and staff augmentation.  

Flexible – Digital Acumen’s flexible service delivery our clients to balance budget, time to market, employee skill gap, and scarce analytics resources.

Transparent – Our experienced team provides clients with our delivery-option recommendations where the benefits and challenges for each option is explained in a transparent manner. This  positions our clients to make the most informed decisions possible concerning their investments and future.

Scalable through Staff Augmentation- Sometimes adding the right skilled resource to your team/program or project at the right time came make the difference between success and failure. However, finding these people can sometimes be very difficult. Through staff augmentation we can source the right person in a timely fashion for those hard to find analytics skills.  A key differentiator to our staff augmentation approach is that each consultant has access to our team of experts to share ideas and potential solutions, as well as leverage our experience, artifacts, etc.

Discover Digital Acumen’s collection of best-in-class service offerings below.

Let us put Ingenious Analytics to work for you.