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Businesses invested in big data need to know more dimensions of their customers, products and operations. New tools for data dashboards and reporting automation are positioned to turn long- and short-tail insights into revenue and deliver to the bottom line. Automation and the cost of offshore data science expertise will drive down costs to adopt business -centric insight tools and help poised clients to personalize and sell greater products/services to their customers new and loyal.

We cannot imagine living without our Google Analytics suite of tools. We use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Optimize to meet our analytics challenges, delivering us with actionable insights about our users motivations and behaviors.

The barriers to entry for entrepreneurs are at an all-time low. In the past, you needed connections to get talent. Now, with the gig economy, finding inexpensive talent anywhere in the world can be done within days,” says Michael Reddy, founder and chief analytics officer at, a digital analytics consulting company. “All you need is a computer and an idea.

“The geyser of consumer data separates today’s marketing from that of the past…”

We have worked with a major B2B service provider who uses a major performance monitoring tool but was not making substantial changes from the information collected. Their challenge was getting buy-in that the changes were critical to the user experience and thus had significant difficulty in getting the fixes prioritized.